Games Festival “Game Scope” Kicks Off in August 2016 in Aalborg

The new games festival aims to be the largest gaming related event in Denmark, celebrating video games with gamers as well as industry professionals.

“The goal of Game Scope is to create a 4 days long game event that gathers industry professionals, researchers, students and consumers all together. We aim to create a festival where everyone feels welcome and that there’s something at Game Scope everyone find interesting”, Thomas Lykke Larsen, the project manager at event planners Gamecity Aalborg, explains.

A lot of industry events are seen as a venue for strengthening business relations and gaining publicity, making it less accessible for the public. While networking and publicity is a natural part of Game Scope, the festival also attempts to appeal to industry outsiders, through tournaments and a wide variety of talks and interactive showcases.

“We want to create an event that celebrates games as both an industry and one of the biggest cultural phenomena of our time. We feel that its time that a danish game event celebrates all aspects of games and that’s what we hope to achieve with Game Scope.”, Lykke Larsen tells NordicGameBits.


It’s not just a matter of creating a festival for everyone, as one of the primary goals of Gamecity is to help the danish games industry’s growth, particularly in Aalborg where the event takes place.

“The main driver behind Game Scope is GameCity Aalborg. GameCity Aalborg is a part of the business department in the municipality of Aalborg and focuses on developing the games industry in the city.”, Lykke Larsen explains and continues to elaborate:

“Aalborg is, from a political standpoint, very focused on developing the games industry in the city. We’ve recently been involved in the process of creating a plan for the digital and creative industries, where the games industry is one of the primary growth potentials in Aalborg.”.


So far Game Scope is planned as an ongoing event, with plans for a new festival in 2017 where Gamecity will try to improve upon the formula based on their experiences with Game Scope 2016.

The first Game Scope event is open for everyone and will take place in Aalborg between the 25th and 28th of august 2016.


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