The Winner of Our Newsletter Competition is Found

Back in November, we teamed up with the audio composers at Danish AudioNation to give away 15 customized high quality sounds to a lucky reader. All you had to do for a chance to win was signup to our weekly industry newsletter, and a winner has now been found!

Without further drum-roll, a huge congratulation goes out to Danish game developer Thomas-Bo Huusmann from Huusmann Media, who has won the competition.

Huusmann will use the audio in his studio’s newest production, which is an interactive horror story for 9-12 year olds currently being developed together with the municipality of Aarhus, he tells Nordic Game Bits.


While too many details cannot yet be shared about the project, Huusmann tells Nordic Game Bits that himself and the rest of the team are looking forward to receiving some scary and atmospheric sounds that will fit the game’s interactive gameplay.

“I cannot say much yet. But it is going to be really scary, and if you like games such as Device 6 and Year Walk from Simogo, I recommend you pick this game up on the App Store or Google Play when it is released in spring 2015.”

Thomas-Bo Huusmann

Huusmann also explains that his studio usually outsources all audio work to local freelancers from Aarhus, Denmark, and while he has never worked with AudioNation before, receiving the 15 sounds fits right into his usual way of working with freelancers. The expertise is high in Aarhus, Huusmann explains, and if we keep outsourcing to only the local areas, that expertise will only grow stronger and stronger over time, eventually making the area more attractive for clients from the rest of the world as well.


“We generally work with local freelancers in Aarhus, Denmark. This is done as we want to be able to meet those we work with in person and plan the project together. In addition, it is always a priority for us to have the audio designers onboard as early as possible. Audio is such an important element in games, and it is something you have to start thinking about right from the beginning of a project. It is a key ingredient in a good game! Working with local composers makes this entire process way easier”, he says.


If you did not win our competition this time, do not worry. We will very soon announce a new competition with a different (and so far secret) prize- and next time there’ll be two winners!

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