NordicGameBits’ 2014 Year in Review

What a year!

It’s only a few month ago that the news feed on Nordic Game Bits started rolling, spreading the stories of the Nordic Games Industry to developers, partners, and potential investors both in the Nordics and abroad. But in only this short period of time, we have already learned that there are many more stories waiting to be told.

While the Nordic Games Industries are quite different, especially in regards to their size, there is still far more that binds the four Nordic countries together, than things that sets them apart. What have become especially apparent to us here at Nordic Game Bits is that no matter which corner of the Nordics you hail from, the drive, initiative, and not least the openness remains very much the same.

It has been a fantastic experience to talk to all the developers and organizations in the Nordics, and really see how willingly they have shared their experiences, stories and tips. One of the objectives of Nordic Game Bits is to help build a stronger industry in the Nordics through collaboration and knowledge sharing, and this would be impossible without such openness.


2014 was a great start for Nordic Game Bits, but things are only going to get better in 2015. In the coming year we will introduce even more audio content on the site, with longer developer interviews planned to be introduced in Q1 of 2015. And we are also planning to add new video content to the site throughout the coming year.

We are also expanding our editorial stand to give you an even better coverage of the individual countries. We have just entered into a partnership with the Norwegian Game Makers Guild (Spillmakerlauget) to ensure close and detailed coverage of the Norwegian scene, and we are working on similar deals for Sweden and Finland.


But Nordic Game Bits is also your site. So if you have any wishes or suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Your input matters, and are vital in building the best possible site for the Games Industry in the Nordics. If you’d like to share your thoughts and experiences with the rest of the community, you can do so by publishing your own Opinion Blogs.

With that said, we can’t wait to show you all the cool new stuff we’ll be rolling out in 2015. Hope to see you there!

Nordic Game Bits Editor-in-Chief and CEO
Jesper Krogh Kristiansen & Sune Blindkilde Thorsen


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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    Happy New Year!

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      Happy New Year to you too 😉 Hope to see you around in 2015 as well!