Developing the Best Danish Game of the Year – on Your Own

The Wings of VI won the award for Danish Game of the Year 2014 at the annual Danish Game Award show last week. Jesper Erlandsen is the sole developer behind it all.


Jesper Erlandsen is well known in the speedrunning community where his game “I Wanna Be The Boshy” has garnered a lot of notoriety for its high difficulty. People from all over the world compete to complete the game as fast as humanly possible and it has proven to be quite the challenge.

As with his newest game, Wings of VI, Jesper Erlandsen works on his own, as a hobby developer studying computer science. “I haven’t met anyone with the same interests and/or “skills” as me, so it’s hard to find people to work with. Other than that, I like working on my own and in my own pace and I feel it helps the creativity.” Erlandsen explains.


Working with games as a hobby, Erlandsen has a lot of creative freedom, and he tells Nordic Game Bits that the fact that he doesn’t have to discuss his decisions makes his games more personal. Everything you see, is based on Erlandsen’s taste in style and games – a product of his mind and no one else’s.

But this freedom can also be problematic as Erlandsen points out that he “didn’t have anyone to discuss actual coding with – how to make something.“, though he did use his friends to discuss “design decisions with and such. Without that, it would’ve taken longer as discussing with people gives me new ideas. So in that way the project wasn’t completely solo, “isolated” if you will.” Erlandsen elaborates.


Jesper Erlandsen started developing games back in elementary school.”We had a program called “Klik & Play” on the computers there. Basically it was a simple drag & drop with simplified coding game engine. I spend a lot of time using it and finally got it on our computer at home too. Since then I’ve been keeping up with using Clickteam products. Vi was made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5“, showing that the key to being creative is finding the right tools, be it “Klik & Play”, Unity, Adventure Game Studio, Rpg Maker or similar programs. There´s a lot of tools available for upcoming developers that makes it easy to work with any given genre, making the field of videogame development more accesible than ever before.


Wings of VI is an action platformer released on steam in 2014, the game won the award for best danish game.




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