Brimstone Interactive Announces Shadow Corps

Newly founded Finnish studio, Brimstone Interactive, silently announces their first game, a free to play tactical space RPG for Android and iOS called Shadow Corps.

The studio, although very young, consists of an experienced team with people who used to work for RedLynx, MountainSheep, and Supercell.

While not much information is available about the game yet, it seems a bit unusual for a tactical mobile RPG to go the free-to-play route, especially since the studio sees its audience as being the “core gamers” on mobile, who often tend to prefer premium games.

But Brimstone Interactive co-founder, Samuli Ulmanen, promises that as more or less the entire Brimstone team consists of oldschool hardcore PC gamers, they have tried to design the game with a fair monetization mechanic in place.

“At Brimstone, we’re all more or less old school, hardcore PC gamers at heart, so suffice to say we didn’t make the decision to go F2P lightly. It probably doesn’t alleviate your concerns much, but we’ve done all we can to design the monetization mechanics to be as fair, balanced and unobtrusive as possible, while still making financial sense to the company.”, Ulmanen says.

Additionally, Ulmanen also points out that the only way you can spend money in Shadow Corps is on stuff that affects the time an upgrade takes, thus making the story levels a bit less challenging. But the entire game is 100% completable without any microtransactions.


In Shadow Corps, your job is to recruit and train a squad of elite troops, equip your squad with powerful weapons, upgrade your spaceship, and explore the galaxy in an adventure to take out the warlords and mercenaries who roam the outer systems, and bring peace to the colonies who are on the brink of war.

In playing the game, you use action points to complete attacks and use abilities, as you navigate your way through a gridded environment.

The official release date of Shadow Corps is to be announced within the next few weeks.


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