Swedish Game Accelerator ‘Stugan’ Now Open For Applications

Newly founded Swedish accelerator for game developers, Stugan, is now ready to accept applications from developers from across the globe.

It was back in November, when the people behind the new accelerator for game developers, Stugan, released the first details about the new program, with a promise that they would be back with more info at a later point. That later point is today, because at the same time as they have opened up for applications to the accelerator, they have also released a host of new information about the initiative.

“The accelerator is accepting applications beginning today through March 31, 2015 from up-and-coming, undiscovered individuals and small teams across the globe, with making games for all platforms and styles,” the team behind the accelerator states in the press release, which has just announced the opening of the application process.

“Applicants will be asked to submit a 90 second video presenting themselves and their game idea,” the press release states, “along with a short written description of themselves, the game and the goal they want to reach. Chosen participants will be selected towards the end of April 2015 and the program will start that summer.” Applications will have to be submitted through Stugans official website here.


One of the main forces behind Stugan is Candy Crush Saga creator, and serial entrepreneur, Tommy Palm, who just days ago left his position as “Game Guru” at King.com to launch a new game development startup called Resolution Games.

“We’re all very eager to see the submissions and hear about the next generation of game ideas from across the globe,” he says, referring to the rest of the group behind the initiative, which also includes Oskar Burman (Rovio), Christofer Sundberg (Avalanche Studios), and developers from the likes of Mojang and others.


The organizers have also revealed the venue where the first run of the accelerator program will take place. As the name Stugan suggests (it’s the Swedish word for cabin), it will take place in a cabin where the 20 applicants accepted into the program will be housed for the eight weeks the accelerator lasts. The first year of Stugan is going to be in the Swedish municipality called Falun, far away from the traditional game development hubs.

“We’re very happy we’ve found the perfect location for Stugan this year, and excited to start screening applications for suitable teams,” Oskar Burman, General Manager of Rovio Stockholm says. “This will be a summer of creativity!”


Also be sure to check out our interview with game development legends and ‘Stugan’ co-founders Oskar Burman and Tommy Palm. In the interview, they talk about what they will be looking for when choosing the applicants, and what they believe it takes to be a game developer




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