This Week in Games – Week 36

This Week in Games
This article is part of the weekly “This Week in Games” article-series on Nordic Game Bits. The purpose of the series is to collect and wrap-up all the news that we did not cover with a full article on NordicGameBits form the past weeks. 

 Tribeflame-developed Game Announces $100k Prize Sum

Tribeflame is a Finnish mobile games studio best known for developing the hugely popular Benji Bananas mobile game. However, one of the newest titles from the 6 year old studio, a game made for energy drink company Mad-Croc, is about to make history on its own too.

Mad-Croc recently announced a competition granting the player with the highest score in the endless-runnner’ish game, a grand prize of $100.000! This effectively marks the single highest prize given as a reward in any mobile game competition, and the competition will kick off on October 1.



Egmont Publishing Invests in Cape Copenhagen

Magazine publisher Egmont Publishing made a strategic investment in Danish mobile games studio Cape Copenhagen, who has so far developed over 50 titles.

In addition to the undisclosed investment sum, the deal will also see Cape Copenhagen developing all future apps for Egmont Publishing, including Egmont’s popular kids titles such as Rasmus Klump and Pixeline.

logo cape copenhagen



Finland-to-China Mobile Publisher MyGamez Receives Investment

MyGamez, a Finland-based mobile publishing helping western games enter the Chinese market, has recently announced their first equity funding round.

The investment amount is undisclosed, but the round was led by Finnish investor “Vision+ Fund”, followed up by Taiwanese Yellowbell.

MyGamez has previously helped localize the super popular Finnish mobile game, Hill Climb, which has been developed by Fingersoft, and in addition to the investment, MyGamez could also announce this week that they now have 9 million monthly active users of their published games.




Tunnel Vision Games Releases Two Mobile Games

Not only one, but two, new mobile titles came out from young Danish games studio, Tunnel Vision Games, this week.

The studio has previously developed a PC title called “See You on The Other Side”, which went on to win the “Mow Innovative Game Award” at the Indie Prize Europe 2014.

The first of the new games is called Swing Pong, while the other is a local multiplayer game called Hammer Slammer. Both games are free and available on Google Play from today.

See you on the other side



Danish Serious Games hit by a true “Shitstorm” due to education slave trading game

By now, most of you have probably already read about this, but this week, Danish Serious Games Interactive was hit by nothing less of a true shitstorm on social media, and threats were even made to the company’s CEO, Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen.

Told in the fewest word possible, some very vocal and passionate people on Twitter in the US felt that part of Serious Games’ “Playing History 2: Slave Trade” made fun of a horrible period in time by having part of the game include a “Slave Tetris” mini-game. The actual plan for the game was to educate kids about a horrible time in history, but due to the massive pressure, Serious Games Interactive has now removed the “Slave Tetris” element from the game.

Slave Tetris



New Center For Applied Game Research opens at Aalborg University, Denmark

Aalborg University in Denmark has set out to create the world’s leading interdisciplinary hub on applied game research with a team of 25+ researchers from the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, the Department of Communication and Psychology, and the Department of Learning and Philosophy.

“The center focuses on applied research and is aimed toward challenges, which concerns real-world problems addressed through games as well as innovation in game design and development within the gaming industry. A key focus is on developing principles for the use of games through studies on purposeful gaming experiences that can be used to address challenges in a variety of fields such as e.g. education, conflict resolution or health.”, the official website for the new center reads.





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