Opinion: Let’s make a hobby startup!

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I have decided to start a hobby project building HTML5 games alongside my full-time day job. However rather than simply building a few games I will work on this as I would a startup — working towards a bigger overall strategy rather than focusing on the individual games themselves.

At the same time I have decided to write about my experience doing so, being 100% honest about the process, allowing all of you to get a full insight into what decisions I made at what time and why. My hope is that I will be able to demonstrate how easy it is to become financial independent by working a few extra hours every day alongside your full-time day job.

I chose building HTML5 games as I believe it represent the highest return on investment opportunity for me. Simply put, my professional career has given me a solid understanding of how to make money on games, allowing me to get started without having to learn a new market and industry.

If you are considering starting a company or create a pet project to supplement your income, you should likewise consider working in an area you already understand. While breaking into new markets is possible, your chances of success are substantially smaller than if you focus on something you are already good at.

Setting goals
Before we start let’s define some overall goals to help us focus on the finish line rather than the details. Our overall goals should not be too specific, they are a framework to work within, not a to-do list.

Here are the goals for my HTML5 games pet startup:

  1. Create $250000 / year profit (Salary)
  2. Work a maximum of 24 hours a week (3 days)
  3. Setup the startup such that it can be run from anywhere in the world.
  4. Do all of the above inside one year.

I will dive into the background for these goals in a future posts.

Some promises to the reader
To make the process as transparent as possible I will try to post equally about successes and failures. Likewise I will be keeping close accounting on what I have worked on and when.

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Chris is a want to be indie developer living and working in San Francisco and making games in his spare time.

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