Curtains Come Down on JoinGame’s Last Workshop: Game Over

This September sees the last of Norwegian network JoinGame’s workshops for game developers.

Back in October of 2007, Norwegian developer’s network JoinGame launched it’s first workshop in Trondheim. This September, after 19 workshops and 4 conferences, it has come to an end for JoinGame’s workshops.

But the closure is not an expression of a lack of interest, says Kristina Halvorsen, Communication Manager at JoinGame:

Kristina Halvorsen is also Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Norwegian Krillbite Studio

“The project has run it’s course and we now see groups that have been established to have a more permanent position, which JoinGame wished and worked for. This is among others Spillmakerlauget, GameDev Norway, Hamar Game Collective, Bergen Game Collective and other established and upcoming organisation in cities like Tromsø and Oslo. This is the last conference because we feel the relay was successful,” she explains.


And even though JoinGame’s workshops are no longer around come September, it is hardly the end for networking events for Norwegian game developers, Kristina Halvorsen says:

“There are now Spillmakerlauget, GameDev Norway and different Game Collectives. They have been doing a lot of similar work as JoinGame, and we hope they will only keep doing more of it,” she says.


There have of course been a lot of lessons to be learned and experiences to be had when making workshops for nearly eight years. For JoinGame, it has been a case of mixing the old with the new, as well as moving people out of their comfort zones, Kristina Halvorsen explains:

“We always try to bring out new talent together with the established interesting people. We think it’s important to highlight new ideas and give inexperienced people a chance as well. Also; let people talk about things they don’t “usually” talk about – it can give wonderful results!”, she adds.


The last JoinGame workshop – appropriately titled Game Over – takes place in Trondheim on September 30. The full program as well as sign up-instructions can be found here.


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