The 2014 Intel® Buzz Workshop heads to Stockholm

They went to San Francisco and to Seattle, and in about a week, the 2014 Intel® Buzz Workshop will once again be inviting every game developer to showcase their game at their latest workshop event.

Intel is inviting you in for a chance to showcase your game in Stockholm the 23rd of October. The event is a mixture of talks, networking and indies showing off their newest games, with a chance to win laptops and other prizes. Intel is hosting and the theme of the event is therefore the technology that we use to create our games. The talks reflects this by offering key speakers from companies such as Intel, Epic Games, Sega and Unity.


If you choose to enter the showcase competition, you will be given 2 minutes to show off your game and to explain why you deserve to win. The prize is hardware related and in addition you will get an article on Intel’s Developer Zone, presenting your game to a wider audience. Participating in the event provides a great opportunity for getting feedback from people from within the industry, and in addition, a chance to get tech advice from Intel engineers – for those who choose to bring their code to the Workshop.


Tickets for the event can be bought at the Intel Buzz Workshops website for 20£, and all proceeds for the event will go to the Save the Children foundation.


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