6 New Games Get Danish State Funding

Six new games have received grants for idea development of their projects in the latest funding round from the National Danish Games Program.

The Danish Film Institute has now disclosed the remaining six recipients of funding from this round of grants from the National Danish Games Program. Previously, we have reported on the three titles that had received the larger grants for project development, but now we can also reveal the six titles that has received the so-called ‘idea development’ funding.

All of the recipients have been awarded a one-time grant of 75 000 dkkr. (€10 000).



  • Genre: Point-n-click Puzzle Adventure
  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Developer: Kvasir Games I/S

A new point-and-click adventure from bordgame-makers Kvasir Games. As far as we are informed, their first digital game. Hulda takes place in the Scandinavian Viking Age, and is created in a hand-drawn watercolor style. Here, the player assumes the role of the deaf viking girl Hulda, who has to try and save her valley from the impending Ragnarok apocalypse.


  • Genre: Casual puzzle game
  • Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Developer: Copenhagen Bombay

A game from the app, cartoon, and animation studio Copenhagen Bombay, where the to mountaineers Thomas and Neil have to escape a threatening earthquake by climbing higher and higher. On their way they have to avoid birds nests, creatures, false doors, and worm holes?! A major part of the mechanic is the two mountaineers’ ability to hoist each others up the cliff face.


  • Genre: 3d action adventure / RPG
  • Platform: Wii U
  • Developer: KnapNok Games

A co-op RPG from the developers behind Wii U exclusives Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party and upcoming Affordable Space Adventures. The game is a classic co-op game, where each player has specific skills and strengths, but in Nordicquest one of the players will act as game master, using the Wii U Gamepad controller to influence the battles.


  • Genre: Casual puzzle co-op
  • Platform: Smartphones/tablet
  • Developer: Blue-Box

A 2D casual mobile game played by several players, each using their own phone or tablet. The game is loosely based on the race in the classic Aesop-fable The Tortoise and the Hare. In the game the players are all helping the turtle by creating obstacles for the hare, forcing it to take longer routes in the race.


  • Genre: Kampspil m rollespils-element
  • Platform: Mobile device (tablet/phone)
  • Developer: Fourhands Film

Described as a cross of classic fighting games such as Street Fighter and social realism. You are the new kid at summer camp, which is ruled with an iron hand by ‘Red Erik’ and his pals, who’s terrorizing everybody. You can stop them by training your special Kung Fu-skills and defeat the hoodlums one by one.


  • Genre: Puzzle + Graphic Novel
  • Platform: iPhone 4+
  • Producent: Kong Orange

This game seeks to combine the graphic novel with the adventure-puzzle game, based around a page like-structure. And it has actually already been released. Read more about the game in our article here.

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