Danish Film Institute Wants its own Game Producer

The Danish Film Institute wants to be able to better support the medium of computer games by setting up a new position for a Game Producer to join the Institute.


The Danish Film Institute is increasing their focus on the medium of computer games. The latest film agreement between the political parties in the Danish Parliament set the stage for both an increase in funding support, as well as a number of other initiatives, including a new office for games, meant to help the Danish games industry to both grow and to produce some culturally viable games while doing so.

Now, the Film Institute seems intent to make good on these promises, as they are now looking to add a dedicated Game Producer to join their staff. This represents quite an increase in resources allocated to games, as the area previously only had a part-time position allocated specifically for games.


The listing for the new position as Game Producer at the Danish Film Institute went up last week and according to Nanna Mailand-Mercado, director of Talent, Games & Media at the institute, the intention is to improve the possibilities for the institute to provide guidance to the projects funded through the institutes’ official game support program.

The reason we want a producer is to make it possible for us to give the projects the best possible sparring, and to make our game office a strong centre of knowledge that can advise on financing, distribution, and publishing. There’s a lot of small game developers and many new companies applying for support grants, and we want to help them find new ways in the world of digital- and cross media.


However, the new game producer will not only be dealing with pure computer games. He or she will also have to dip their toe into cross-media productions, as this is also one of the new criteria described in the new film agreement, that was reached late last year.

Mailand-Mercado tells Nordic Game Bits that the Film Institute is in the process of creating a new, separate, support program for cross-media productions in the hope that cross-media productions will become an integral part of the Danish Film Institute’s work.


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The deadline for applying for the position of Game Producer at the Danish Film Institute is March 26th.

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