The first Creative Coast Festival is Coming to Sweden

The Creative Coast Festival opens its doors for the first time this may in Karlshamn, Sweden, and there are no entrance fees.

At the center of the Creative Coast Festival is the Game Concept Challenge. An annual game jam where “(…) game concepts compete against each other. All submissions will be judged by a jury consisting of prominent members of the games industry.” one of the founders of Creative Coast Festival, Johan Toresson explains.

The winners will receive cash prices between 10.000 SEK and 200.000 SEK for further development of the concepts plus help with getting the games finalized and released on the market. The ultimate goal is to motivate the games industry in Karlshamn and to help more companies into the world.


The Game Concept Challenge has been around for 10 years, but this year a festival has been built around the annual game jam as well. “The Creative Coast Festival is an initiative funded in the mutual feeling that there needs to be a place to celebrate digital creators and creativity with a more holistic take on things. We (Netport Science Park, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Blekinge Business Incubator/Gameport and the Karlshamn Muncipality) wanted to shake things up a bit.“, Toresson explains.


One of the previous winners of the Creative Coast game jam, Forgotten Key – AER

With the Game Concept Challenge, the focus was games, but the festival allows for a larger variety in media and Toresson tells us that they want to “encompass web, games, movies, visuals, music, sounds, art and fit it into a kind of chaotic mosaic.” making it a creative atmosphere “to be inspired by things you’d never be exposed to, while at the same time being a nice informal meeting-space for creators and investors alike.“, he continues.

This combination of media makes sense, as games are an amalgamation of all kinds of different art forms and it could therefore prove to be a healthy environment for creating new and interesting game concepts.

If you go to the Creative Coast Festival you can expect “Workshops, jams, installations, concerts, ramblings, lectures and so forth. As I said, this is the first year, but the endgame would be an even distribution over the different digital creative disciplines. ” Toresson concludes.


A Level/Game designer who previously worked on the puzzle game: The Reaper and the hellish racing game: Hell Driver. Enthusiastic about everything from games to litterature, music and movies.

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