The Second Edition of Counterplay Kicks Off in April

The Counterplay 15 conference opens its doors in April for the second time since its inception in 2014. The goal is to merge the business world with the world of playfulness that gaming provides.

The founder, Mathias Poulsen, created the Counterplay festival to bridge the gaps between the different talents that inhabit the work space.

“I could pretend there’s just one clear goal, but that would be quite unreliable. I can, however, identify the primary goal of CounterPlay as creating bridges between disconnected domains and to create a diverse, strong, international community of people exploring play together. In the end, I have this naive dream that the festival will contribute to making the world a more playful place” Poulsen explains.

Not only that, but Poulsen also intends Counterplay to change the way businesses utilizes play.

Mathias Poulsen, founder of Counterplay Festival

“It’s basically just about bringing different people with different backgrounds together to explore games, play and playfulness in a playful atmosphere. I really like the idea about “cross pollination” and I believe we need to move out of our “bubbles” and challenge each other, allowing us to see games, play and playfulness, in a new light.”

Poulsen continues to specify which domains could benefit from the “cross pollination”, as he highlights both culture, learning and organizations as potential candidates.



“This is illustrated by the three main domains of CounterPlay, “Playful Culture”, “Playful Learning” and “Playful Organisations”. These are used to illustrate three important domains in our society that could benefit from adopting play & playful mindsets, and from interacting more with each other.”


At the conference you can experience a wide variety of speakers in the three different categories: “Playful Culture”, “Playful Learning” and “Playful Organisations”.

CEO of Odyseé will be talking about “Inside Hamlet – Creating immersive roleplaying experiences”, Santeri Koivisto  from TeacherGaming LLC talks “Combining learning spaces: Classrooms and videogames” and Annemarie Steen from Steentrain will approach the subject of “Why leaders should play!”.

These are just some of the speakers that will feature at this year’s edition of Counterplay, and aside from the speakers, there will also be a wide variety of workshops available.

The conference opens its doors the 9th of April in Aarhus, Denmark, at The Filmstudio. A full access ticket costs €215, but student and quantity discounts apply. Tickets can be bought through the official Counterplay website.


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