Top Double Fine Profiles Coming to Denmark

CEO Tim Schafer, Producer Greg Rice, and Lead Animator Ray Crook are giving a free talk at the Animation Workshop in Viborg under the title A Night of Adventure.


In what appears to be a major scoop, the Animation Workshop in Viborg has managed to lure not one, not two, but three major profiles from American indie developer Double Fine to Viborg, for what they are calling A Night of Adventure.

CEO and game development persona Tim Schafer, Producer Greg Rice, and Lead Animator Ray Cook will all be in Viborg on the evening of April 15th to talk about their work and their games.


Games Projects Coordinator, Emil Kjæhr, residing at the Animation Workshop tells Nordic Game Bits that the evening will consist of an updated version of Ray Cooks talk from this year’s GDC: Animation Style and Process for Broken Age.

After that, Kjæhr says that Tim, Greg, and Ray will be talking more in general about the development process at Double Fine with Broken Age as an example, answering questions along the way.

And they will also be looking back on the older games from the early years of the adventure genre, and look at how the business has changed since, for better and worse.


Kjæhr also explains that the visit has been in the works for a long time and almost didn’t happen because of the proximity to the launch of Act 2 of The Broken Age. But luckily it worked out in the end.

Double Fine already has a good connection with the Animation Workshop in Viborg. “We’ve had several talented students from the Animation Workshop doing internships at Double Fine, so they already know who we are.” But the visit also became a possibility because Double Fine wanted to visit a couple of Danish game developers in Copenhagen, which could be done in conjunction with the visit in Viborg.


Emil Kjæhr says to Nordic Game Bits that they are looking into arranging bus transportation from Copenhagen to Viborg on the 15th, so that game developers residing there will also have the opportunity of meeting the profiles from Double Fine.

He also reveals that the event will be even be visited by a mysterious fourth talker, to be named at a later point.


You can read more about the event and sign up for it here.

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