The 8 Games Chosen For Nordic Game Indie Night

The titles representing the Nordic indie scene at the Nordic Game Indie Night have been chosen.

Copenhagen Game Collective has now revealed which games have been chosen for the Nordic Game Indie Night showcase. An honor that also means that the games are automatically nominated for the Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award.

8 games have been selected from almost the hundred entries that were sent to Copenhagen Game Collective, who curates the showcase. And according to jury member Simon Nielsen, the selection process this year was especially hard. “The level of quality of the games has been so high that some of the games that we did not select was in many ways as good as the ones that got selected in the end,” he tells Nordic Game Bits.


This year, the field also spans almost the entire genre spectrum, and the selection includes strategy games – a genre that is normally hard to showcase at an event like Nordic Game Indie Night. But Simon Nielsen says that the jury have actively been trying to make sure that they cover as wide a spectrum as possible – thus including things like strategy games.

“We don’t want to feel like we are sitting with the answer to, what indie games are, and then block out titles that doesn’t fit our definition. So we’ve made sure to recruit jury members that span across all genres, to make sure that they are represented as well.”

The final selection has to be something that the whole of the jury can stand behind


Here’s the list of the selected games.


One of the weirder games to come out of this years Nordic Game Jam. In Awkward Ellie all eyes are on you as you become the elephant in the room in this awkward tea party simulator. Utilizing both the Oculus Rift and a PlayStation Move controller, the game puts you in the trunk of Ellie the Elephant as she struggles to be civilized at her first tea party.



A “Twinstick Clusterfuttball Simulator” that reinvents the football game and gives Fifa a run for it’s money. Using both thumbsticks on the controller to controls the density and movement of your team, the bumper buttons cause you entire team to jump or kick in unison. Mad controls feel great and cause just the right amount of chaos.



A take on the turn-based strategy genre that throws gravitational pull into the mix. Players wage planet-to-planet wars by developing their home planets and boarding the others with missiles. The gravitational pull of the planets has to be taken into consideration when planning the trajectory of the missiles.




The illegitimate love child of QWAP and Monkey Island, Manual Samuel has you manually stepping, breathing and even blinking your way through Samuel’s 24 hour deal with death. A game filled with bizarre and morbid humor – just remember to breathe.



Myriad is an explosion of colors and shapes. It’s possibly the visually stunning next illogical conclusion after Asteroids. To be honest it’s difficult to describe, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.




A beautiful “fourth-person” puzzle adventure game in the vein of  Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. The player uses lights and bells to help direct a character that will otherwise walk around as he pleases. The whole setup of the world and mechanics leave you with a sense of intrigue and mystery – and it looks great to boot.



A feel-good rhythm adventure game drawing inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood Musicals. As you strut down the street, tap you feet and spray the world with confetti, The Gentleman will have you smiling at the screen with a sense of joy that is all too often missing in the games medium.




A fast paced futuristic sports game in zero gravity featuring a 1-3 player cooperative campaign and 2-6 player competitive party mode. Featuring music from Danish cult geek band PRESS PLAY ON TAPE (In which Søren Trautner also plays himself), Zero-G is a side project of Søren Trautner Madsen, who’s day job is game programming at Playdead. Zero-G was initially created in 1993 for the Commodore Amiga and is now being reimplemented in Unity.


The eight selected games will be showcased Wednesday May 20th from 18.00 at Slagthuset, Malmö. One of the games will be selected by public voting during the night to receive the Indie Sensation Award at the Nordic Game Awards.

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