Runeblade Players Play 100 Sessions – Per Day!

Everywear Games’ Runeblade game for Apple Watch has hit the ground running. Fast.

In April, Finnish developer Everywear Games launched their first game, Runeblade. An epic roleplaying game with all the classic ingredients, but with a new twist: it was developed exclusively for Apple Watch. And the gaming community on Apple’s smartwatch have really taken a liking to Runeblade, CEO Aki Järvilehto says:

The three founders of Everywear Games: Markus Tuppurainen, Aki Järvilehto and Mika Tammenkoski

“It’s been nothing short of amazing!”, he says about the game’s impressive reception:

“The players have set up Reddit forums for the game, we’re getting consistent 5-star reviews and people are sending us emails telling that Runeblade is the best Apple Watch game out there! You couldn’t hope for a better launch.”



Other than forums, reviews and e-mails, Runeblade’s success can be seen in another way: statistically. And while the number of players playing the game daily is rising, there is another number that Aki Järvilehto is particularly excited about:

“The mind-blowing part is the frequency of use. Our most active users are clocking over 100 session per day, which would be literally impossible on any other games platform. Even the average players are hitting 15-16 sessions per day and we are still very early in the development cycle of Runeblade. We’ve just never seen anything like this before in games!”, he says.


The 23rd of July, three months after its release, Runeblade is getting an update called The Berzerkers. It adds a lot of new content and is part of the way that Everywear keeps the game running, says Aki Järvilehto.

One of the enemies from the coming update for Runeblade.

“We’ve got a lot more in the works. We’re operating in 2-week update cycle. Once a month we’ll release a major content & feature update and two weeks from that we’ll do an additional update for optimizations, fixes, adding languages and so on,” he says.

Through these 2-week cycles, Everywear Games hope to keep the story of Runeblade exciting for the players. In fact, they planned the first six months’ story from the beginning:

“Internally we think about it almost like a TV-Series or “Season 1” of Runeblade. There are surprises for the players in the storyline, it invokes questions and has betrayals and unlikely allies – in short all the classic elements of a good fantasy narrative. By the end of this year our most active players will reach a place called Forgotten Halls where they have to engage into an epic battle against a race of undead gods and settle the fate of the world of Runeblade,” Aki Järvilehto explains.


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