Sweden Game Conference 2015 Goes International

The annually recurring Sweden Game Conference has been organized and hosted by Sweden Game Arena since 2010, but this year, they are taking the conference to the next level, looking to attract international attention. 

Swedish Game Conference (SGC) takes place from September 14th – September 16 2015 at Gothia Science Park in Skövde. And in addition to the exciting program for the conference itself, SGC also coincides with a bunch of other interesting events, such as the International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications, and Microsoft Game Camp.

“SGC 2015 also coincides with several related events, including the conclusion of the Microsoft Game Camp as well as the International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications, making the entire week a celebration of interactive entertainment in Game City Skövde.”, the official website for the conference reads.


Sweden Game Conference 2011

While the full list of speakers and panelists is not completed yet, some of the confirmed speakers include Raph Koster, who is currently the only keynote speaker that have been revealed, Lee Sheldon from the US, Pascal Luban from France, and Rajesh Rao from India – just to name a few.

“We are catering to, and inviting more purposely than ever before, a global audience, as a reflection of the international presence and aspirations of Sweden Game Arena.”


For more information about the conference and all the other events that will take place throughout the week in September, click here.



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