Campfire Games’ War of Rights Reaches £77,000 Goal on Kickstarter

For three years, Danish indie studio Campfire Games have been working on their upcoming game War of Rights. The studio just finished a Kickstarter campaign, and it successfully gained more than £77.000.

CEO and co-founder of Campfire Games, Madse Støjko Larsen.

“We were obviously thrilled, but in a sort of anti-climactic way actually. Having been working hard throughout the campaign and having still more campaign work ahead of us, there really wasn’t the time nor energy to celebrate. I’m sure we’ll get around to be doing that sometime though”, says co-founder of Campfire Games, Mads Støjko Larsen.

Up until now, the project has just been a hobby project. But with the newly acquired money, the studio can bring the work to a new level.

“Luckily, we managed to find a group of developers willing to spend their free time on the project because they could see the potential and had a passion for game development as well as the period we’re portraying. We now have the option of hiring the work force that the project needs the most to succeed as well as upping the content of the product in general with more variations and higher quality assets for the players to enjoy”, says Larsen.


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Recent image of War of Rights

Far from every Kickstarter campaigns goes through, but Larsen believes that the reason Campfire Games’ War of Rights successfully reached its goal is pretty simple:

“We’ve been working on the project for about three years now and I think the quality shows. Too many Kickstarter campaigns contain little more than a few concept images and a whiteboxed early prototype perhaps. I think the golden days of Kickstarter is over in that regard.”

“People in general treat it as a preorder platform now and if they can’t get instant access to a build they at the very least want to see enough of the game in a relatively polished state before backing”, says Larsen.

Even though three years have been put into the project, a lot of work still remains before the game is done. The eager ones can look forward to the first playtests, which Campfire Games aims to have ready before summer comes around.

“We’re currently in the process of going from a 100% free project to an, at least partly, paid one. Once that’s settled we’ll continue to work on getting the first phase of Skirmishes, our smallest scaled battles, ready for the first early playtests in about six months.”, Larsen concludes.

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