Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Finnish Game Museum

A new museum dedicated to exploring the history of games in Finland is currently seeking funds through Finnish crowdfunding platform mesenaatti.

The National Game Museum of Finland launched its crowdfunding campaign on the back of a growing and successful videogame industry in Finland.

“Recent successes of the Finnish video games industry has generated a lot of interested in games, so we feel the time is right to tell the story and history of Finnish games.“, Niklas Nylund, one of the people behind the National Game Museum of Finland, explains.

“Games are an equal and important part of our cultural heritage; something to be exhibited, but also something to be preserved in a museum collection for future generations.” He continues.


Map of the new museum

The main goal of the museum is to preserve the cultural heritage of gaming in Finland. Therefore, it is also important for Nylund that the museum encompasses more than just commercial successes. “The museum tells the history of Finnish games and gaming. We are not only interested in the games industry, but also in the gamers and communities involved with games.” Nylund explains.

“We want to talk about not only bestselling games, but also about the ones usually forgotten or marginalized (obscure shareware titles for example)” Nylund elaborates.

For the museum, it is important to showcase different types of games to the audience and to show how people interact with all the different experiences.


The National Game Museum is about more than showcasing videogames, however. At the museum, visitors can experience boardgames and traditional roleplaying games too, giving them an insight into how these different forms of media has influenced each other.

The links between different types of games are complex and interesting. Roleplaying games have clearly inspired a lot of video games, but recent interest in games has also clearly made card, board and tabletop roleplaying games more popular than before.” Nyland explains. 

At the museum, the games will be interactive, as the audience is meant to experience the games instead of just watching them, giving visitors a chance to get a closer look at the inter-connectivity of the different media.


According to Nylund, games have become a lot more popular throughout the years, making it an ideal time to start a museum dedicated to the history of videogames.

The rewards for helping fund the campaign range from t-shirts to tickets, magnets and more.

“Interest in games has soared in recent years and people are clearly interested in the history of their hobby. In spite of this, the public discussion is still divided into positive and negative perceptions of games and gaming. Our museum wants to join in the discussion about the cultural meaning of games and to provide a balanced and well-rounded view on the different aspects of gaming” Nylund concludes.

To reach its goal, the museum needs to collect €100.000, of which it current has received €17,539 from a total of 240 funders with 174 days left to go. The rewards range from tickets to the museum, to t-shirts, magnets, and even having your name engraved on a VIP plate, which will be permanently displayed at the museum. You can help fund the campaign here. 


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