This Week in Games – Week 24

This article is part of the weekly “This Week in Games” article-series on Nordic Game Bits. The purpose of the series is to collect and wrap-up all the news that we did not cover with a full article on NordicGameBits form the past weeks. 

Rovio releases Angry Birds Fight!

Finnish mobile developer, Rovio, has released yet another game in the Angry Birds franchise this week. This time, it is a real-time player vs. player match-3 type of game with the well-known Angry Birds.



Danish studio Pixel Pandemic closes down

Both Zombie Pandemic and Mutant Badlands, two of the studio’s browser-based games were closed down on May 31st, and the studio has announced that as of July 1st, the studio will completely shut down. The company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2009, and throughout the years, the studio’s games have attracted over 2 million registered players. The closure has been long coming. Already back in December, 2014, the studio announced that it would no longer be possible to purchase any in-game content, and that the games would close down by the end of May.



Angry Birds Lego will arrive in 2016

Lastly, here’s another news from Finland’s Rovio. The studio has signed at deal with Danish toy-maker Lego. The new Lego Angry Birds construction sets will arrive by spring 2016, following the release of the Angry Birds feature film.


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