The Winners of the Finnish Game Awards 2015

Every nation has something it is known for, whether it be chocolate, fashion, or even movies. Finland has something that occupies a lot of spare time across the globe; top notch video games.


The Finnish game developers have in the past couple of years grown to such a substantial level, in both number and quality, that bringing home an award at the Finnish Game Awards is truly an honor. This year at the 20’th anniversary of the Finnish Game Industry, a gala held in Helsinki on April 22nd 2015 celebrated the art form.

In total, 270 participants, the maximum number allowed at the venue, gathered to rejoice as their livelihood and passion was the main focus of such a huge event. Major players from all over Finland came together to watch and acknowledge the winners of the highly regarded event.

The Finnish game developer studios association, together with Neogames Finland association, organized the Finnish Game Awards. And in addition to the traditional Game Awards (best Finnish Game, best Finnish Big Screen Game, best Finnish Mobile Game), the organizers also awarded the Rookie of the Year 2014, Sensation of the Year, and Power Player of the Year 2014 in Finland. Sponsors of the gala evening include Colossal Order, Rovio Entertainment, RedLynx and Supercell, among many others.

“We feel it is important to award the best developers yearly and bring people together to celebrate the industry,” says Elina Arponen, Chairman of the board of the Finnish game developer studios association.


Winners of the Finnish Game Awards 2015:

Best Finnish Game of the Year 2014: Legend of Grimrock 2 by Almost Human

Rookie of the Year 2014: Seriously, Ltd.

Power Player of the Year 2014: Juho Kuorikoski.

Best Big Screen Game of the Year 2014: Legend of Grimrock 2 by Almost Human

Best Small Screen Game of the Year 2014: Best Fiends by Seriously

Sensation of the Year 2014: Finnish Game Jam association.


NordicGameBits reached out to Almost Human to ask how they felt about the awards. Olli Pelz replied on their behalf, explaining that they won numerous awards that day. “Actually we were really blown away by the multiply awards we won, including the Pelit magazine awards for Best PC Game, Best Finnish Game and Reader’s Choice. So we left the awards with 5 recognized wins. Really amazing!”

According to Olli Pelz, the Finnish game scene is like one big family. They share thoughts and ideas, and help each other when possible. Something that is necessary if Finland wants to become a bigger game mogul than it already is.

When asked what made Legend of Grimrock 2 so popular and celebrated, Olli Pelz explained in an excited, yet simple manner.

“I would simply say that the success of Legend of Grimrock 2 is due to how mind blowing bigger and more improved it is compared to the highly successful first Legend of Grimrock. If the first game blew your mind, this one will do it again.”


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