MAG buys UK-based mobile developer

Swedish developer MAG Interactive have bought a British games studio founded by people from PopCap, Relentless and Media Molecule.

Last week, MAG Interactive, the Swedish developer behind Ruzzle, a mobile word game, announced that they had bought British developer Delinquent.

Delinquent has yet to release their first game, Potion Pop, and was founded by experienced people from PopCap and Media Molecule, among others. CEO and Co-Founder of MAG, Daniel Hasselberg is naturally excited about his company’s new investment:

“In Delinquent we have found a talented studio that fits perfectly with our values and the MAG way of working. Finding such an exceptional group of people speeds up our growth in a fantastic way and I am very excited to welcome them to join our team,” he says in a Q&A on the MAG website.


The Swedes were early investors in Brighton-based mobile developers Delinquent and while the newly announced acquisition makes the collaboration between the two official, there has never been far from Stockholm to Brighton. And with the new merger, that distance is set to get even smaller, David Bishop, CCO of Delinquent says:

Puzzle Pop, Delinquent’s first title, will be a match-three game.

“We’ve spent a lot of time in each other’s studios, sharing ideas, playing builds of each other’s games and working on tech/tools/data and user acquisition projects and challenges together. The acquisition will result in more of the same,” he explains in the Q&A.

David Hasselberg agrees: the new and more formal collaboration between the two is a win-win:

“With this acquisition we will be able to launch new games more frequently and in new categories. Additionally we will keep strengthening the Ruzzle franchise as well as building a new great franchise around Potion Pop,” he says.

Delinquent is home to 12 employees, bringing the total head count in MAG Interactive to 50, divided between Stockholm and Brighton.


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