Over One Million EURO in EU Funding to Nordic Game Developers

Every year in Europe, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), manages EU’s funding programs for games developers based in the EU. This year, a program totaling 3,387,555 Euros.


The EACEA is responsible for aspects of the funding such as drawing up conditions and guidelines for evaluating the applications. Each year, they select projects and follow up on them with finance management and generally closely monitors the projects, which even includes an on-site project visit.

Since 1st of January 2006, the agency has been operating under the supervision of the European Commission, which means that once a developer is granted funding, they sign on for The EACEA’s direct involvement on how that funding is managed.

Although it’s still the developers game, the agency makes sure to protect its investment, so as to ensure that their funding is spent in, according to the EACEA’s guidelines, the “best possible manner”.


This year’s round of funding looks a lot like the 2014 edition, which you can read more about here.

This year, Nordic game developers have been granted close to 1.1 Million Euros, a close reminiscent of last year’s 1 million Euros.

Denmark has been granted a total of 454,177 Euros for 4 projects, Sweden 330,074 Euros for 3 projects, Norway 150,000 Euros for 1 projects, and finally Finland with 164,750 Euros for 2 projects.

This year’s highest funding goes to the UK with 547,004 Euros for 4 projects, proving once again that they’re doing great things across the pond.


Counting funding and projects for each country in 2015, the numbers add up to this:

  • Poland – 348,890 Euros for 3 projects.
  • Holland – 499,800 Euros for 4 projects.
  • Belgium – 55,000 Euros for 1 project.
  • France – 318,260 Euros for 3 projects.
  • Hungary – 140,000 Euros for 1 project.
  • Germany – 210,000 Euros for 2 project.
  • Ireland – 60,000 Euros for 1 project.
  • Spain – 109,600 Euros for 1 project.
  • Denmark – 454,177 Euros for 4 projects.
  • United Kingdom – 547,004 Euros for 4 projects.
  • Finland – 164,750 Euros for 2 projects.
  • Sweden – 330,074 Euros for 3 projects.
  • Norway – 150,000 Euros for 1 projects.


On the list of funded projects are CD Projekt’s The Witcher expansion: The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine’ and ‘The Unpunished’ by Danish Investigate North.

A number of yet unannounced projects are found on the EACEA’s list of funding too, including Paradox Interactive’s ‘Project Dallas’. Revolution Software‘s ‘The Enemy Within’, and German Bigpoint seems to be working on something called ‘Impossible Crimes’.

Not much can yet be found on these new announcements, which makes sense, as these projects are only recently funded. More on the Nordic developers as the news surfaces.

Check out the full EACEA’s list here.

Rachid Zarrouk

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