Klang Games Teams Up With Publisher For Upcoming Racing Game

Berlin-based Icelandic developer, Klang Games, has teamed up with the American publisher, Tilting Point, for their upcoming multiplayer platform racer for mobile and tablet, ReRunners.

According to a press release following the deal, the collaboration with Tilting Point will afford ReRunners a greater opportunity for success through a combination of funding, operational support, marketing, and live ops.

“We’re good at creating games, but unfortunately we lack experience when it comes to distribution and marketing. We realised this weakness early on, and felt it would be wise to partner up with a veteran publishing team and learn from that experience. Tilting Point clearly understood our vision, and their communication and involvement during the evaluation of ReRunners felt just right, so we’re really happy with the match.”, co-founder and Game designer at Klang Games, Ivar Emilsson, tells Nordic Game Bits.


Screenshot from ReRunners.

In fact, Emilsson and the team shares nothing but praise about their new partners.

“Tilting Point respects our creative direction, so not much in that regard. We feel this partnership will definitely be beneficial to the players; they’ll be receiving a more polished game, with better customer support.”, Emilsson says.

He does not think the publisher deal will affect Klang Games’ independence in any way.

“We don’t feel we’ve lost any of our independence. We’re still a small studio, creating unique innovative games. ”


Klang Games was founded in 2013 by Ívar Emilsson, Mundi Vondi, and Oddur Magnússon. Icelandic game developers Ívar Emilsson and Oddur Magnússon have collectively built up 20 years’ experience in developing online multiplayer games, working at game studio CCP Games – known for the popular MMO, EVE Online, and the FPS Dust 514.

Klang Games is only a two years old company, but already earlier this year, they signed an investment deal with London Venture Partners. And when asked if the investment deal will be affected in any way by the new publisher agreement, the answer is  short: “Not at all”.

ReRunners is a multiplayer platform racer, and has been in the works for some time already. Emilsson reports that the development is going great, and hints that the game soon will be available for the public.

“ReRunners is coming along great! We’ve been really happy with the feedback we’ve received from our beta. Currently, we’re marching towards soft-launch, which should go live in the coming weeks.”, Emilsson says.

Check out the iOS trailer for ReRunners below:


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