Playdead’s Limbo Coming to Xbox One

A listing from the South Korean ratings board seems to indicate that atmospheric black and white puzzle-platformer Limbo from Danish developer Playdead is heading for the Xbox One. The listing was picked up by Twitter user @lifelower, and if it turns out to be true, it will mean that the game will soon be available on no less than ten different platforms. Right now the game, that debuted on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console back in 2010, is also available on PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, SteamOS, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and now Xbox One will be added to the list.

Playdead has declined to comment the listing. But the news seems to suggest that Playdead still has very close ties to Microsoft, since they are bringing their million-seller to Microsoft’s next-gen console first. This would also make sense when seen in relation to the known release plan for Playdead’s sophomore effort, Inside, which is currently announced as “coming to Xbox One first,” and was also first revealed at Microsoft’s E3 event this year.


Some of the earlier ports of Limbo have been outsourced to other developers, but all signs point to the Xbox One version being an inside job. On Playdead’s official site, they write that “Within the studio we have a small group working to bring Limbo to new platforms, as well as a core team working on Arnt Jensen’s new game: INSIDE.” And with no other versions on the horizon, it seems likely that it’s the Xbox One-version they are working on. This would also make good sense, as it would allow Playdead to gather experience releasing on Micosofts newest console before they release Inside on the same platform in “early 2015”

There is no word on the release date of the Xbox One version of Limbo.


Jesper K. Kristiansen

Multi-passionate game developer and journalist. Has been writing about the Danish games industry for more than ten years, and creating audio design for both Danish and International games for almost as long.

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