Starbreeze Launches VR Headset StarVR

E3 is well underway, and it features a new Virtual Reality headset from Swedish developers Starbreeze.


It should be safe to say that one of the next big things in gaming is Virtual Reality. And now a Swedish contestant is going to be battling it out with Oculus Rift, Samsung and all the other coming VR headsets. It’s called Project StarVR and is coming from Starbreeze Studios.


StarVR has been developed by InfintEye, a French VR company that Starbreeze bought in 2014. The development has been going on since 2011, according to a timeline on the website for StarVR. Along with StarVR, Starbreeze is also launching a game engine called Valhalla, specifically for the headset.

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The Star VR headset will feature a larger field of view, using the player’s peripheral vision.

The Swedes already have games such as the Payday-series, Brothers, and Chronicles of Riddick on their resume, and are now expanding into the hardware business. According to the developers, their product is the IMAX of VR headsets, since it offers a larger field of view. More specifically, it will feature a 210 degrees horizontal and 130 degrees vertical view, compared to the usual 110 degrees both ways.
The presentation at E3 will also feature a version of Payday-developer Overkill’s The Walking Dead in Virtual Reality.


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