Spillkonvent 2015 Went Down This Week

This week, the annual Spillkonvent took place at Klækken Hotell in Norway, and we had a short chat with one of the people behind the event.

The conference, arranged by Virke Produsentforeningen, Norsk Filminstitutt and Kreativt Europa, started as an effort to create tighter networks in the Norwegian Games Industry.

Kaja Hench Dyrlie of the Norwegian Film Institute explains that the event was a success for those who participated, and that the response had been fantastic.

“It went very well, and the response so far has been very good. We had a very tight schedule, but also plenty of time for hanging out, to play games (and football!) and mingle.”, she says.


The conference gave developers in the Norwegian games industry a chance to create much needed tighter bonds between their companies, Dyrlie goes on to explains.

“We had a focus on marketing and distribution this year, and the developers shared very generously from their experiences. I think that everybody, both the more experienced developers and the new studios learned a lot of these talks”, she elaborates.

And binding the Norwegian games industry together and keeping it tight may just be exactly what the rather young industry needs. As we previously wrote about on NordicGameBits, the Norwegian games industry has been growing a lot lately, but with growth comes also new challenges. You can read our full story on the successes and challenges in the Norwegian games industry, here.


Kaja Hench Dyrlie sees the event as a success and hopes to proceed with further Spillkonvents in the future. And based on this year’s experiences, she believes that the event has found its shape and voice.

“We always aim to improve, and will ask for feedback on the event from all the attendees. The feeling so far is that people were very happy with this year’s event, so my guess is that next year’s will be similar”, Dyrlie concludes.


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