Danish Student Game “Clash” Shown off at E3

Developed by three students from Grenaa, Denmark, Clash is a 4-player local multiplayer game that is not only going to be released on the Xbox later this year, but was also chosen by Microsoft to be featured during E3.

The three-man team behind Clash consists of Asger Gitz-Johansen, Liv Larsen, and Kasper Larsen, who together form the indie-studio Fennec Fox Entertainment. The team met as they all studied at the games gymnasium, Game IT College in Grenaa, Denmark, and soon after started developing their first game.

Clash has been in development since 2013, and although the young studio has participated in several smaller games projects since 2013, Clash will be the first commercial release to come out of the studio.

Initially, the game was slated for release on both Xbox One and Playstation 4 for summer 2015, but Microsoft simply turned out to be easier to get in touch with, Fennec Fox Entertainment co-founder, Kasper Larsen says.

“The original plan was to release on both Xbox one and PlayStation 4, however Xbox has simply been easier to get in contact with. We are still open for a PlayStation release and we are still trying to get it in contact with Sony about a release on there.”


Being featured by Microsoft during E3 as part of the American tech-giant’s bet on independently produced games, is definitely no small feat for a young studio like Fennec Fox Entertainment. And the news also came as quite a surprise for the team behind, Fennec Fox Entertainment CEO, Asger Gitz-Johansen, explains:

”To be featured at E3 is a unique chance that we had not anticipated. Especially considering our young age and short time in the games industry.”, Johansen says.

”But we hope that our presence at E3 will also encourage other young Danes to take the chance and participate in a larger and more diversified Danish games industry.”

And although the team at Fennec Fox has had a busy few days, preparing a proper trailer and other material for the E3 presentation due to a very short notice from Microsoft regarding the news that Clash would be featured at E3, the team remains positive that this is a great chance for both Clash and their studio as a whole.

”We hope that this opportunity will also allow us to grow as a company and make it easier for Clash to differentiate itself in the crowd of games”, Johansen explains.


Some may wonder just how Fennec Fox Entertainment got Clash chosen by Microsoft, and to that, the team said that they were the ones contacted by Microsoft, and not the other way around, since the game had already been through Xbox’s quality assurance.

Since our Game had already passed the Xbox quality assurance, our game is presentable enough for them to show at E3, so Xbox contacted us and told us to create a video for the conference, and that was all. We were going to E3. “


Even though Fennec Fox Entertainment want to keep making games, the future is still uncertain for the young studio. Especially because the entire team is still studying.

“The future plans of FennecFox Entertainment are a bit clouded. We want to keep making games and we do have some ideas on our minds, but nothing has developed enough to start on a game immediately after the release of Clash. Also, as students we want to learn from other companies in Denmark, to improve our skills, so that we can make even better games in the future.”, Johansen says.

But more important than releasing new games, is to release quality games. Because as Larsen concludes:

“We hope that gamers will love to play our games, as much as we love making them. Because we believe that the secret to creating a great game, is to create a game we want to play ourselves, ensuring that the quality and the game is not just passable, but on par with what we expect from the games we play ourselves.”


Sune is not only a gamer and writer who wishes his keyboard-typing-speed would translate directly into Nintendo 64 controller agility, but also the co-founder and CEO of NordicGameBits.

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