Krillbite Studio Hires Norwegian Game Critic as New CEO

Norwegian indie game developer Krillbite Studio has just hired the successful game critic and culture commentator, Jon Cato Lorentzen, as their new CEO.

After four years of service, Ole Andreas Jordet stepped down as the CEO of Krillbite Studio recently, leaving room for Cato Lorentzen to join the studio

“Jon Cato is much more than “just” a game journalist (this not meant as an offence, just want to make a point!). He is extremely well versed in the game culture and business.”, Kristina Halvorsen, public relations manager at Krillbite Studio, states.

“He knows both how the big companies and the journalist work. He has a lot of experience that is valuable for us in Krillbite Studio. The fact that he know both games and management was the tipping points for us.”, she continues. And maybe most importantly, Jon Cato Lorentzen knows his way around the industry.

“Having covered video games for twenty years will hopefully help me in my new role as CEO of one of Norway’s best game studios.”, Lorentzen says to Nordic Game Bits

“I’ve covered games both from a business and consumer perspective in my career and followed the industry closely for two decades so I’m hopeful that my experience will be an asset to Krillbite.”. And at Krillbite this knowledge and experience is highly valued as well. As Kristina Halvorsen says, “After over twenty years in the business he’s a gold mine of experience and knowledge. He already know how to manage business contacts and know a lot of people in the business.”


Jon Cato Lorentzen has entered Krillbite in a time of proliferation. “Krillbite has had great success with the psychological horror game Among the Sleep, having sold over 100.000 copies for PC, Mac and Linux since it launched last year.”, Lorentzen explains.

He continues to elaborate: “At the moment we are porting the game to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, where I think the game will do really well. We are also working on a brand new project we will talk about in the near future.”.

But the new position as CEO is a time consuming task, meaning that Lorentzen has to stay focused on Krillbite Studio, he explains.

“My focus now is 100 percent on Krillbite and I have finished – or is in the process of finishing – most of my freelance contracts.”

“Some media have asked me about the possibility of writing the occasional editorial which – time permitting – I may do in the future. But right now I just want to get rid of all distractions and focus on Krillbite and the future of the company.”, he concludes.


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