Drive Ahead! Reaches 400K Videos Shared and $10K Daily Revenue

Launched on May 14th 2015, Drive Ahead has already reached 400 000 gameplay videos shared by the community of players, and is currently generating $10 000 in revenue per day. 

Drive Ahead! has been developed by 7-man large Finnish Dodreams – a studio who have previously experimented with both free to play and premium mobile games. The studio’s other games, such as “Battle Slimes” and “Kunin – Ninja in Training” were also successes, but don’t come near the success the studio has now achieved with Drive Ahead!.

The game has already seen 400 000 gameplay videos shared by the community through the Unity-owned Everyplay service, and a few weeks back, the game hit 2 million downloads worldwide as well, reaching #1 position for all games in 20 countries and Top 5 in the rankings in 125 countries.

This amount of engagement and activity among the players is what helped boost the game in just a few short weeks to a daily revenue of $10 000 per day from in-app purchases and advertisements.


In-game screenshot from Drive Ahead!

The retention rate of Drive Ahead quickly reached 62 % for Day 1 and 31 % for Day 7 retention rates. Additionally, the median session length is 3.3 minutes and more than 500 000 active users launch the game 3.1 times a day on average.

For everyone at Dodreams, the great success of Drive Ahead came as a pleasant surprise, but as Dodreams CEO Erik Pöntiskoski says, expectations were high already from the time play-testing started:

“When testing, playing caused such loud laughter and shouting that I had to move our team into a soundproof room. That’s when we knew we had a hit on our hands”, Erik Pöntiskoski says.


Despite the success of Drive Ahead, the next game is already in development at Dodreams, and it seems the studio will stick with the driving genre. Upcoming game, “Turbo Turtles” is a “tropical racing game where up to four people speed around exotic tracks: sandy beaches, thick jungles, volcanic rivers, and slippery ice.”.

Signing up for the beta testing of the game is now possible, but no release date have been revealed just yet.



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